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Bound for Disaster

Welcome to July 2008, fellow Upper East-Siders. What's going on, you may ask? Let's see, the latest revelation is school clothes shopping, ouch. It's going to be our senior year, so let's go out with a bang. Of course, we always intended to. They don't call us the wild bunch for nothing.

Now, now, on to the good stuff. Haven't you heard? We have a new bunch coming to school this year - from a local public school! I heard not only are they poor, but they are all bitches. Ew! Why, you may ask? After the devastating flood we had, their ratty school got completely ruined. Until that whole mess gets fixed up, these low-class losers get stuck with us!

Don't fret - they won't be scoring any invitations to my kind of party. And if they do? I won't be attending. So don't worry my fellow Upper East-Siders, I think we will still rule our territory. If anyone tries anything, I'm sure they will find out the wrong way that we have a bone to pick with them!

On to the good stuff - what has happened this summer? B and N broke up - horrible, right? And we thought they were the couple to last! However, for C this was a huge opportunuty for him. He's been trying to get B to fall for him for a while now, but will it work. C'mon,B we're all holding our breaths as we wait to see what happens! As for N, you may be wondering? He found himself a new - well, familiar - girlfriend, S. After D started to write poetic love ballads for S, she finally had it. Talk about creepy! We all knew S and N would end up together, I mean, come on. They lost their virginity to one another! As for D now? We hear he is in the arms of our very own bad girl, G. And here we were, thinking she skipped town! Apparently G has more than one trick up her sleeve! And how about J? We heard she is crushing on E. I wonder what S will have to say about that? Let's just hope J doesn't have the same approaches as D!

As for everyone else? We will soon be finding out who these people are coming in our territory. Don't worry, I'll be there every step of the way.

You know you love me,
xoxo Gossip Girl 

ooc: So there's this new website and they need help! They are brand spanking new and still need a lot of characters to help play! So if you're into RPing and Gossip Girl, then DO come join in! Desperately looking for a Nate!




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